Light Kit for Gun Safes – Motion Activated LED

Light Kit for Gun Safes – Motion Activated LED from Gun Storage Solutions

Don’t fumble around in the dark! This kit uses the latest LED technology. Factory made and simple to install. Includes flexible LED strips with strong 3M double sided tape backing. They can be used everywhere. Great for safes, display cases, closets, under cabinet lighting. Five x 12″ LED strips. Strips have a quick disconnect so you can use 1-5 strips. The end strip can be cut for a custom fit. With their flexibility and cleanliness they take up far less space than other kits. The power cord is small enough to fit through the existing holes in the back of your safe. The entire kit is plug and play. Install inside the metal frame of your safe door or wherever you want.

Item Number – 757880019

Price – $74.95 USD

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