Viridian Reactor Series Crossbreed Minituk Holsters

Viridian Reactor Series Crossbreed Minituk Holsters from Viridian

The cleverly designed CrossBreed MiniTuck features the same comfort and concealability as the larger SuperTuck; but on a smaller scale for compact carry pistols. This holster is ideal for deep concealment of a smaller pistol or for those with a smaller body frame. Designed exclusively and patented by CrossBreed Holsters, the MiniTuck is hand molded to fit each specific firearm listed. It features a premium leather backing with a molded and mounted kydex pocket and includes a “combat cut” standard on each holster. Versatile for carry options, the MiniTuck may be worn comfortably with or without your shirt tucked in – based on your personal carry styl Mfg: Viridian

Item Number – 100019629

Price – $110.25 USD

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