Galco International Front Pocket Holsters

Galco International Front Pocket Holsters from Galco International

While limiting the carrier to a relatively small handgun, pocket carry offers some unique advantages. Not only is the handgun completely covered and concealed, but the gun carrier can casually place a hand on the holstered/pocketed pistol if a nonspecific threat materializes and the fastest draw is to have the gun already in hand. This premium horsehide pocket holster is designed for front pocket carry in pants or a jacket. It keeps the firearm in the same general position so you can quickly locate the grip when you need to draw. It also conceals the shape of the gun so that its outline is not printed through the pants. Lastly, it allows one-handed release of gun from both pocket Mfg: Galco International SPECS: Premium Horsehide.

Item Number – 100021043

Price – $52.80 USD

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