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Sig Sauer P229 KYDEX OWB Concealed Carry Holster

Sig Sauer P229 KYDEX OWB Concealed Carry Holster from Wethepeopleholsters.Com

Discreet and comfortable enough for everyday use across a wide range of circumstances, this hand-molded holster is a minimalist option specifically made for the Sig Sauer P229. Featuring an adjustable cant of zero to 15 degrees and made from .08-inch KYDEX material, this minimalist holster weighs in at just over two ounces and is designed for use inside the waistband. This holster does not fit P229 models that have a Legacy slide (half height rear cocking serrations, short external extractor), will only fit with the newer slides (full height rear cocking serrations, long external extractor) Fits 9mm models only. 40 S&W and .357 Sig models are wider and will be a tight fit.

Item Number – sig-sauer-p229-owb-kydex-holster

Price – $45.00 USD

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