Tandemkross “quick Grip” .22 Magazine Pouch

Tandemkross “quick Grip” .22 Magazine Pouch from Tandemkross

The Tandemkross Quick Grip .22 Magazine Pouch holds a spare mag securely on your belt, in reach for a rapid reload in competition or out in the field. Made of ultra-tough, molded Zytel polymer, the Quick Grip retains the mag by friction alone – no buttons, flaps, straps, Velcro, or other fasteners to get in your way. An adjustment screw on the side lets you set the exact gripping tension you need and ensures the Quick Grip fits a wide variety of mags for popular .22 pistols. Ideal for rimfire speed shooting competitions Made of chemical-, heat-, and impact-resistant DuPont Zytel nylon polymer Rigid belt loop slides easily over most tactical belts S Mfg: Tandemkross

Item Number – 100025731

Price – $23.74 USD

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