Dale Fricke Holsters Dale Fricke Archangel Holsters

Dale Fricke Holsters Dale Fricke Archangel Holsters from Dale Fricke Holsters

Kydex Black For a right-or left-handed operator Inside the waistband Specifically designed to retain the concealment advantages of appendix carry as well as the speed of draw offered by its predecessors Changed the “J” hooks to dual snap belt loops and did away with the tuckable feature Additionally, while the tuckable feature is important for some end-users, it does add some bulk to the overall holster Does not feature a tuckable design and is intended to be worn with a shirt-tails out concealment Very minimal in design and rides very comfortably inside the waistband The result is a slim-line holster with reduced dimensi Mfg: Dale Fricke Holsters

Item Number – 100007083

Price – $63.99 USD

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